Feed A Hungry Child Just By Searching The Web

A radically new way to make a difference.
For free.

Charity. Re-imagined.

Seva is the world’s first free and independent search engine that lets you feed hungry children every time you search. 

Just like any other search engine, we earn money with search ads. You get the same great search results you’re used to, but there’s one key difference… 

Unlike other big corporate search engines who pocket 100% of the profits, we donate our profits to feed hungry children

Search engines make a lot of money. Over $100 billion per year.

Imagine… if we all switch to Seva, just 1% of that could provide 6 billion meals to children every year.

Join the “effortless charity” movement with Seva!

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We’re an independent organization, which means we don’t have massive marketing budgets.

We rely on passionate, caring people like you to share this meaningful cause.

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