Milestone: 1,000,000 Meals Enriched By Seva

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We reached a huge milestone at Seva:

1,000,000 meals enriched!

That means 1,000,000 meals have been fortified with essential nutrients needed for children to reach their potential.

Why is meal fortification so important?

It’s all due to something called “hidden hunger”…

What is “Hidden Hunger?”

Many of us are able to get proper nutrients in our food, something we can take for granted.

Our salt is fortified with iodine.

Our milk is fortified with vitamin D and A.

Our bread is fortified with Niacin.

Hidden hunger often occurs when people’s diets only include a single grain like maize or rice.

They’re able to stave off hunger with the mass of the food, but their body slowly wastes away due to lack of nutrients. 

The Solution

Food fortification.

Food fortification mixes in crucial micronutrients into various different grains that are consumed locally.

Organizations like Project Healthy Children are able to do this without even raising the price of the rice or maize.

(This is crucial, because people living on less than $2/day simply can’t afford higher priced food)

The Impact

Food fortification is literally one of the single most impactful things you can do with $1.

It only costs $0.53 to fortify a year’s worth of meals for a child.

Think about that.


For the price of a cup of coffee, you could help prevent 10 children from being severely malnutritioned.

These children are the future of our world.

They’re the boys and girls who will grow up to do amazing things.

And your contributions can empower them to truly reach their potential.

Here’s to a world where no child goes hungry.

May it be so.

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Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

In love with yoga and life. I'm the Co-Founder of, the search engine that feeds hungry children. May all humans have enough food to eat in this world.

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