The Social Dilemma: How Big Tech Manipulates You (+ Tools To Protect Yourself)

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If you haven’t seen The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix, you should go watch it now.

It shows how tech companies like Facebook and Google control your data, manipulate, etc.

Here’s a list of tools and alternatives you can use to prevent yourself from being manipulated and tracked.

You’ll be surprised how simple some solutions can be…


1. Facebook

Install News Feed Eradicator.

It forces you to turn on the news feed when you want to use it. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this small “circuit breaker” can make.

Turn on newsfeed if you want to scroll a bit. Turn it off when you’re done.

Desktop Chrome

Desktop Firefox

For mobile, uninstall the FB app and only use it through your browser. It works.


2. Google

Use an independent, alternative search engine like Seva, which keeps your privacy and donates its profits to meals for hungry children.


3. Instagram

Take instagram off your home screen of your phone. Put it on a secondary screen.

Start with something that simple. You’ll see the difference.


4. YouTube

Turn off autoplay.YouTube defaults to autoplay because they know it takes effort to remove yourself from a YouTube binge.

Make it easier for your future self.

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Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

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